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Explanation: High speed connectors, are great important parts of terminal servers, a kind of high-precision technological products. Theirs performance determine data transmission speed among servers. To protect high speed connectors from outer pollutions, is compulsory. So a protective cap is necessary for high speed connector. The main pollutions to high speed connector are dust, moistrure and oil outside. the function of the protective cap for high speed connector is to cut off the pollutions, and also the protective cap itself doesn't have got the pollutions on the inside wall of it. To reach this requirement, on the base of mature dip-molding technology, Fangpu develop the protective caps without dust and oil for high speed connectors. Considering to be easily and quickly when assembl...
Explanation: There are PCBs set in the outer machine of central air conditioners, and dust invasion is unavoidable. But dust is big enemy of wire harness. A kind of terminal sleeves with stable quality and well performance is necessary to protect the terminals. Fangpu 's terminal sleeve is your first choice.
Explanation: Mobile phone self-timer is more and more popular among people. To the users, a kind of self-timer with excellent sense of touch and easy usage is the best choice; to the mamufacturers, a kind of self-timer with easily assembly design and beautiful colors is their best choice. The characteristics of FANGPU's handle grip for self-timer:1, mat surface with excellent sense of touch; anti-skidding;2, RoHS-free PVC material;3, there are wire channel in the handle grip.The best choice for users and manufacturers!!Product link
Explanation: Household water purifiers, can filter the impurities in the water, like sands, rust, particle. And they can absorb most chemical materials, heavy metals, bacteria, poisons in the water. It's the final defense for people's drinking water.        The stable wiring in the household water purifers, make sure that the ectromechanical modules work well. To protect the terminals of the wire harness, terminal covers with excellent quality are necessary. FANGPU's terminal covers are your first choice.
Explanation: FANGPU terminal covers are applied to water heaters. FANGPU's terminal covers bring your products with excellent quality and confidence.
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