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Explanation: Refrigerators are necessary in daily life. A excellent refrigerator need wire harness with stable quality connecting the accessories. High-quality terminal covers are necessary to wire harness.
Explanation: With the increasingly improving development of people's quality of life and living standards, household appliances and kitchen appliances are widely used. Microwave oven is a mainly kind of them.          Microwave Oven is a kind of household appliance with high power. The electrical parts in it are connected by wire harnesses. Terminals covers with high quality are necessary to protect the terminals of wire harnesses. Fangpu's products of terminal covers are your first choice.
Explanation: Strength fitness equipments have the character of multi-function, which can have physical training to most of the muscles of the body. Strength fitness equipments are the first choice of people taking exercises.  There are high-level safe requirement for the strength fitness equipments. The grips, bars, and so on, should have enough skid resistance for the users.        FANGPU Handle Grips are wear-resistant, anti-microbial, eco-friendly. They can provide skid resistance to strength fitness equipments.   We can customize the products according to the sizes of clients' requirements and provide for technic serve.
Explanation: Fiber adapters are the connectors between optical fibers. FC fiber adapters are made of metals and others accurate materials, which make sure that they have stable mechanical performance and optical performance. Connecting by screw threads make sure the optical signal is stable and reliable. So it is necessary to protect the FC fiber adapters from damages and pollutions. A cap with high quality should be used. Fangpu's dust-proof caps can satify the high-level packing requirements fo fiber adapters:1,  without moisture, dust and oil;2, soft protection, accurate protection;3, against static electricity excellently;
Explanation: The sport of rowing machine is a funny and self-chanllege fitness exercises. People use all the muscles when training with rowing machines, which bring unexpected and amazing effects to the body. Rowing machine is one of the most popular fitness equipments all over the world.   Fangpu's handle grip products, are widely used in rowing machines, which provide excellent functions, such as skid resistance, corrosion protection.   We have any others types of handle grip products:  Products with different inner diameters or lengths, and we can customize the products you need.
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