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The dream of flying Fangpu heart

Date: 2017-07-10
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 dream of flying, Cape heart -- business philosophy of the interpretation of
-- according to Fang Zong in the party
Our business philosophy:
1, we take a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility, to create value for customers;
2, we pursue the technological progress, do strong business;
3, we common people pursuit of integration in the enterprise development process;
4, Party General belong to the community, we utilize social resources, promote social progress.
(1)Fang Pu people pursuit
Our business philosophy in the third wrote: "we common people pursuit of integration in the enterprise development process."
What we pursue? Work can get the material reward, there is no denying the fact that the material is the foundation of our growth and development, but the pursuit of the material, there should be a spiritual pursuit, we are in pursuit of the two aspects of material and spiritual happiness.
In the spiritual aspect, we need to think about a word -- trust! A man has two feet, a growth and development, and the other is a trust and hope. What is trust? Trust that I believe you, I can rely on you, we can commit his future to this person, this company. Trust means that security, means that there are security, means that because of you, I have no anxiety, no need to worry about, people living in mutual trust among the groups, is very happy.
Has the anxiety of people working efficiency is very low, such as small computer memory, too much background process, its foreground will become very slow. Similarly a person's mind there are too many background program in operation, work efficiency is low, because you can only work with 20% attention, 80% busy anxiety in the subconscious, to do something you don't know the background process. If we put these 80% attention also plays out, that everyone's potential is great. We see can make achievements colleagues are very pure pure heart, why? Because they do not have too many thoughts, no sense of anxiety, these people are born with a sense of security (laughs), I believe their future is bright, as long as the hard work we will be able to achieve success, happiness is in your side, so very fruitful work, live full and happy!
You trust others, others will give you strength. In fact, trusting to have courage, need to have a clear view of value. We read the "living law", read "the KYOCERA philosophy", in the hope that you have a good values, let everybody heart there is a beam of light, often warm heart. Trusting to get the power, in turn, be trust can also stimulate their energy.
The basis of general trust is: with our hearts, our "strong dedication, responsibility" attitude, but also with our pursuit of technological progress dip forming field ", do strong business" desire and insist on. So we make a good product, let the customer trust; let colleagues trust, let the family trust!
We trust is because our hearts are very pure, or heart is true, as the saying goes, then, you have the desire, the desire is good, as long as you are a matter of conscience, the desire can realize.
Cape of mutual trust to speak righteousness, must speak the interests, we should give compensation to employees, to live better, to do training employees rather than by employees, even if the party general trained people to leave, we still have to adhere to the training staff of faith. Mutual trust is sometimes difficult, like in training children, teach children suspected of others than to trust others easier, but I hope we ordinary people can trust others, even for trusting themselves, we still have to continue to maintain the trust, I think the world is more than good!
For ten full years of employees, the company will send the gold medal, this is a concrete symbol we common people of trust. I hope the party general trust can make us do a lifetime of colleagues, friends of a lifetime.
(2)Create value for customers
The process of enterprise development is the process to meet the staff of material and spirit of these two aspects of happiness, Fang Pu development aims to staff well-being, at the same time creating value to our customers, contribute to society. Our happiness comes . Our happiness comes to bring happiness to others! You are the parents in the home, can bring happiness to the children, then you are a happy person; you are a son or daughter at home, your growth and life need not worry parents, let parents feel at ease, you want your parents to be a happy person, your family is a happy family.
The creation of the idea of happiness is, we explicitly write it into the our corporation concept, namely the first: "our strong business heart, sense of responsibility, to create value for customers." This kind of dedication and sense of responsibility, a strong sense of goal realization degree and the height is proportional to the target, night and day, natural action inside will be reflected. Mr. Ina Mori said, to put the idea into your blood inside, open your skin, flow out of the blood was that idea, we can reach the goal. To be clear, the parents gave us life, and customers to our life, our basic necessities of life and all expenditures are derived from the customer.
Today each sales department with the sales, behind this figure is the customer support, sales customer support results, while profit is the customer to our thanks. A product is difficult to produce, but the customers use value is very high, then we do it, let the customer is very satisfied, gained huge profits, this is the customer to choose us, thanks to our results.
Cape in the fierce competition in the market, such as the sail against the current, or! If the technology and management did not break, no progress, there may be a customer eliminated; if we have an invention, take the initiative to create value for customers, we also behoove to occupy the market, will be left behind are eliminated, and this is the rules of free competition!
(3)For staff welfare principle
Some people say, we try to give the employee wages and bonuses is the welfare of employees, but I think for the welfare of employees must have certain principle, must comply with the rules of competition. We want to make it very clear, for the welfare of employees is not equal to the average allocation. Your personality is equal, we respect every person, but each person's ability and work level is different, so the result is not the same. So we have to admit that the equality of personality, but also to clear each work is not the same.
We advocate the courage to take responsibility, to be responsible for the work, advocate to the difficult challenges, continue to climb, we respect, go to all lengths in the work be conscientious and do one's best colleague. But we have to understand that any good companies are not evenly distributed, with glass like transparent, clear the confidentiality of wage income, this is a scientific. Because everyone's situation is different, each other will only have a negative impact, on people is not good. A statement, content rich, can you meet, you are a rich person.
We believe that the law of conservation of energy, but also can be said to be a causal relationship, because there will be a fruit, you will pay dividends. Some colleagues might think, I work hard now, but I didn't get paid, why pay did not immediately return? You may have overlooked, there is a "margin" between cause and effect, the margin refers to time, environmental conditions, your time, environmental conditions are not ripe, it is difficult to get the results you want. To pay for, pay accumulation is to create results of fate, fate, fruit naturally present.
We now see is me in a picture taken after Mount Huangshan, the branches of the ice is so beautiful, together to form a beautiful natural thousands on thousands of small snowflakes. At that time, I think, we & everyone is so pure, beautiful, as long as we are together, we are doing is very beautiful, very beautiful. If we use the pure and beautiful mind affecting people around us, they will affect other people, and so on, around us, our world will be better and better.

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