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Discussion on "enterprise and human resource of common people"

Date: 2017-07-10
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To have ten years, think, read books only conceptual told our human resources is a certain period of time people in the organization can be owned by the enterprises, and the value creation from the general contribution of education, ability, skills, experience, physical and other. Participate in the work, often feel that there is a big gap between the concept and practical work, and have a strong visible, can't touch feeling, so often feel confused. So what exactly is the human resources? This problem will be broken often emerge in the mind, once thought that human resource is the brain, also thought is the enterprise of the right hand, but was soon to overthrow. The reason is very simple, compared with the practical work, the brain is the place of issue orders left and right, human resource is not the hand is according to instructions, work place, think is wrong. Think it over and over again, that "the human resource is the enterprise's blood" is appropriate.

   "enterprises" the words "for man, no check". In the era of knowledge economy, the enterprise management in the final analysis is the competition for resources, so in many enterprises in human resources, has become an important resource of enterprises. Let us from the human body function structure about "human", the human body is a complete system, he is responsible for thinking and command the body function of brain, different functions of the organ and heart, main and collateral channels. The energy supply system is composed of the digestive system will convert food into the body can use the material, then the corresponding functions of these materials into the body's blood.

   enterprises with the human body, has a complete system, need to establish their own talent mechanism. Have the talent mechanism, enterprises can have a strong core competitiveness. Is just like a human body, can not rely on blood transfusions alive, must rely on their own hematopoietic function. In the corporate system in human resource system is an enterprise "blood", "talent" is a product -- blood.


   however, for us, what is "in", or "just" good? I believe this is also a lot of enterprises are confused place, I think we should treat correctly "in order" to play a role in. "Enterprise is blood, the blood of people, is our party general real talent, not consistent with the blood, there is no margin. We need three types of people: 1, can the independent processing of general affairs; 2, able to lead a group of people to do things; 3, to size up the situation, analysis problem has strong penetration of the leader.

   talent each enterprise's blood type is not the same, an enterprise's generals, to another enterprise are not necessarily immediately troops in war. In the training, must have the public mind, love. First, the eyes inward, making full use of "light" talent, also can open, employ "outside", to compensate for the lack of talents within the enterprise, but not to hire enough, dear and sparse in internal and external talent, to play their proper role, the development of their talents, "personnel who have the world"!


                                                                                              Fang Pu HR 2011-05-27


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