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Date: 2017-07-10
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To create such a wonderful relationship with our customers , to manage the company, provided that the operator must have a noble character. With rising personality operators , enterprises will continue to develop.


    I was young and do not have excellent operators need the kind of " tolerance ." Young, not mature in many ways , but I'm a little self-knowledge , although it is difficult to correct shortcomings , I strive every day to make himself some progress has been growing .


    One operator had said these words: " 20 years ago, when you review your earlier life said, this rest of your life every day, that ' the concept of continuous improvement every day ' ." The operator said : "You are not talking about improving business skills , but that the business philosophy of continuous improvement every day , philosophy, way of thinking , it makes me deeply moved ."


    From a young age , I used to put a pillow dozens of books on philosophy and religion , every night before going to read a few pages , no matter how late to go home, to be turned on one or two pages . To do so is entirely in order to improve their character, I have to keep learning the teachings of the sages who left every day .


    When reading, I often deeply moved , can not be suppressed , so that can not be read on. In inviting the sentence underlined repeatedly appreciate , and sometimes read a spend 30-40 minutes . I think , put the book of wisdom flesh and become part of their own , so it should be pursued .


    I think, because of efforts to study and reflect on a daily basis from a young age , so I put my former life every day , summarized as " the concept of continuous improvement every day ."


    Such desperate effort, I will never stop a person , many operators are the same, but also prestigious in China , " Matsushita Electric Industrial Group ," the entrepreneur , Mr. Matsushita , founder of the " Honda Motor Co. " The same is true of Mr. Soichiro Honda .


    30 years ago, " Kyocera " smooth growth and development , began to consider the listing . At that time , " Kyocera " or an SME , perhaps not humble , I will visit a representative of the president of Japan's largest bank , hoping to listen to his philosophy , in order to determine whether to establish business relations with it .


    I'm talking about I usually read the writings of Mr. Matsushita , respect him very much , and he wanted to have a life like him , like him, work , business enterprises, said a lot of their own ideas.


    Bank president who has known Mr. Matsushita was young , so I think he will go along with me , but, he said: . " Mr. Matsushita wayward young man can do, prank badly, which, as you so precocious " discourse with derision .


    Hearing this, I decided not to do business with the bank . There are a lot of people at a young age is inevitable shortcomings , the key is whether in practice and improve their own personality . Bank president who was not interested , because his lack of a common language, so I decided not to do business with his bank .


    Later, Mr. Matsushita later years , I was fortunate to get the chance to talk with him . Deserved reputation, he really has a noble character , full of insights , worthy of the world's rare operators. I think he will join together life is constantly trying to expand their " tolerance ." Because of this, " Matsushita Electric Industrial " in order to become the world's best high-tech enterprises.


    Mr. Soichiro Honda as well. Mr. Soichiro Honda started but is an automotive repair shop owner, said that a young man very irritable temper . The scene was sloppy work , Tekken and wrenches what will soon fly over . He himself said publicly , " a young man to make money only when the boss why make money , that is for pleasure ." Every night attracted geisha , drinking songs , noisy endless.


    Mr. Soichiro Honda Gongchengmingsui , when his later years , I was fortunate to meet with him . That year , Mr. Soichiro Honda , the founder of Sony Masaru Ibuka , and I was elected a foreign member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences , was invited to join the activities .


    A week or so , my husband and Honda, Mr. Ibuka with Parade around Sweden, ate together, I could feel that Mr. Honda's noble character . His gentle humility, compassion , it is difficult to believe that those anecdotes of his youth . I think that it is precisely because Mr. Honda continuously upgrade its own personality , to single-handedly create a " Honda Motor " , and make it develop into the world's top automobile factories.


    Personality and results of operations for those businesses while increasing phenomenon, I used the " Mind improve , expand operations ," these words to express . This sentence tells the operating essence . Do you want to expand operations , the conditions precedent so that, as a business person , you have to improve their minds, enhance their personality , able to do this , it will improve corporate performance .


    "Improving Mind " , it is important that not only the teachings of the sages as the knowledge to learn , but also to practice . My child had learned "the new public Iroha Song" , which is Japan's feudal lords for the education of children, easy to remember and make the " counting songs ." The beginning of the first sentence is: " sages of the road , do not listened to sing at you like a cloud ."


    What this means is that "Whether you 've read , heard how good reason , do not personally practice would be meaningless ." With China 's "read and understand the Analects of Confucius Analects of Confucius" This sentence may be more appropriate expression . To improve the disposition to seek from the writings of sages truth , at first glance , it is only natural to do , too simple truth , many people tend to use the mind to understand , you think they have mastered , has become something of their own , in fact, they did not really understand , because they do not want these truths into practice .


    The right to live by into practice is difficult. Perhaps the gentleman saints do , and we ordinary mortals , no matter how much learning the teachings of the sages , it is difficult to practice . Therefore , since ancient times , " counting song," sung as a dissuasive so far .


    An ideal myself, what should be the image ? To often portrayed in his mind , and then continue your ways , make unremitting efforts to strive to be close to this ideal self. Thinking to get close but not close , thinking to practice but can not practice , but even so, we still have to think carefully and seriously to practice . In practice constantly reflect that in this process is repeated , we can enhance their spiritual realm , improve heart and mind, to do a noble man .


    On "Improving Mind ," It is also important to note that personality is changing. In order to maintain their physical fitness athletes must exercise every day , the human spirit , too, must strive to cultivate in order to maintain a good state , even if the moment has been improved personality , once slack , it will fall. The pursuit of a noble character , and it circulates maintained in an ideal state, need to pay the appropriate effort tried to restrain self-interest desires .


    It is essential to study , reflect on their behavior every day , to reflect on their own behavior is contrary to live by. Through this reflection must repeatedly complained to his " doing things like this should fishes ah ! ." Such efforts do , do repeated deep introspection , we can hardly maintain their noble personality .


    I think personality is composed of two elements constitute one is born with innate character, and the other is acquired in the process of growing into middle school philosophy . Diego on the road swing and downs of life , we will encounter a variety of both disasters , there will be lucky to come , in this process , we can strive to improve the minds, change their innate character , that is, by acquired a noble effort to shape the "second personality ."


    If you ignore this, even if sometimes hugely successful operators will inevitably decline fate. Business success , had seemed very good people , as early as the 10 years , then 30 years later , often embarked recession . This is because they had to work hard at to improve the personality , but after fame , neglect of reflection, do not continue to maintain their noble personality .


    There is this argument, people to a certain age , the " to be responsible for their own face ." This does not mean beauty and ugliness , but for the human heart and mind . By increasing the Mind , conserve morality , human appearance and temperament will change. " It should become a noble person," Since ancient times people often say .


    No one born to a noble personality and have excellent insight, tested in the course of life , and make unremitting efforts to shape the noble personality . In particular, we operator, charged with great social responsibility because we employ a number of staff to be responsible for their lives. Tirelessly to keep learning , life-long efforts to continuously improve their own personality , which is the bounden duty operators . In order to become such a person, I still work hard every day , studying endless.


    Germany-based business , there is a point that requires leaders to establish a clear criterion within the enterprise. Our operators often have to make judgments on a variety of things , is the accumulation of the daily operations of judgment , judgment of right and wrong not only affect the company's performance , and sometimes even decide the fate of the enterprise.


    Thus, in our inner being , there is a need to be able to determine the scale as a clear benchmark , then what is it this benchmark ? In order to make the right judgments , the benchmark must be upright , unshakable .


    I think that this criterion can be summarized as "as a person , what is right" such a sentence . That " as a person , what is correct" this problem, and then find out the answer yourself , the right thing the right way to carry out in the end . This sentence is the basis of my judgment , I have this sentence as " Kyocera Philosophy " , trying to make all employees understand and implement together in practice.


    Because of establishing such a criterion , as the operator , I'm not confused in the course of business . After the expansion of the organization, as the leading cadres of various departments , but also because of this benchmark , so as not to make wrong judgments , and in their respective positions , grasp the direction of operations , sharing the responsibility.


    Why is able to do this? I think, because the " keep going as people should do the right thing ," the judge benchmark universal. So staff from the heart resonate accept and apply this benchmark do people do things .


    "As a person should do the right thing" is nothing more than justice, impartiality, fairness , diligence , humility , integrity , love, and so on . This is from childhood onwards, parents and teachers taught , arguably the most primitive ethics, that is, should adhere to the noble man "moral ." In this most basic ethics, morality -based business activities , employees can understand not only the mind , but also resonate from the heart and sincere acceptance, and then strive to improve their own ideological level.


    In addition , Kyocera when exploring overseas business , when entering other industries , in the acquisition of other companies , also the same. The correct criterion of universal significance as a business philosophy , all parties agree , there is no resentment, Kyocera factories and staff firms around the world are accepted , are carrying out in practice.


================================================== ================================================== ==========


Essay :


The word "boss" is easy to overlook the "enterprise" itself exists that companies = boss , boss corporate income = income.

Enterprises with awe , respect the laws of their own growth and development , the rational allocation from operating companies , the balance of cadres and employees' income , corporate and down will work together, ride out the difficulties and share the results . Implement this concept , the company will develop and grow, reborn .


                                                       ----- Fang Pu 2011-05-18


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