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Germany-based business <3-1>

Date: 2017-07-10
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"Article Source: Inamori " Sino-Japanese operators Forum "speech July 5, 2007 in Tianjin


" Wuxi City, Sheng and business philosophy study" Translation Edit>


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------- Chicken soup of the soul, to explore "as a person , what is right ? ", " As a business , what is right ? "

Physical weakness , and if they enhance the nutritional appropriate rest , will not solve the problem fundamentally , drink chicken soup of the soul, whether it can unlock tired thinking ?

Physical weakness of SMEs , strengthen the management and technical input if not enough to prevent the occurrence of colds , how to do ? Mind you also have chicken soup ?


                                                          ------ Fang Pu 2011-05-25

    How to manage the organization , like the political and diplomatic fields , there is a " rule in force ," and the two methods "to Germany and rule ." In other words , the ruling group 's management , based on the existence of Germany 's " benevolent " and based on force "hegemony" of these two methods .

    " Benevolent " and " hegemony" of these two words , is the father of the Chinese revolution, Sun Yat-sen visit Kobe, Japan in 1924 , when doing presentations discussed .


    At that time , Japan's victory in the Russo-Japanese War , and then in the First World War , the Allies and Japan belong to the victory . Japan began to take a national policy of imperialism. And then launch in China , Sun Yat-sen determination revolution to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and established the New China , to seek assistance , to visit Japan . Sun Wen to the Japanese made the following problem.


    "Western civilization material science , and now evolved into a force to oppress Asian civilization . This approach , using ancient Chinese saying that ' high-handed ' civilization we have superior overbearing East Asian culture ' benevolent ' culture, benevolent culture is the essence of morality , virtue . "

    "You have to absorb the Japanese nation in Europe and overbearing culture , but also has a benevolent nature of Asian cultures . Japan in the future to face the future world culture , whether acting as a watchdog of Western hegemony , or benevolent defender of the Orient , Japan depends on you nationals seriously consider and choose carefully . "

    Unfortunately, Japan did not listen to the advice of Sun Yat-sen , the results blew out, caught overbearing and find themselves unable to continue the so-called " Fuguoqiangbing " national policy on China and other Asian countries to launch a war of aggression , not only bring great harm to the people of Asia , but also make a lot of their people become victims , most of Homeland ruins , into misery , culminating in the 1945 unconditional surrender .

    Sun Yat-sen called " benevolent " refers to "de-centered " national policy . The so-called "moral " China since ancient times represented by a "benevolence ", " justice" , "ceremony " in the name . "Benevolence " refers to compassion , "justice " refers to reason , "ceremony " refers to known etiquette. "Benevolence ", " justice" , " gift" of the three who had been called a " virtuous people ." "Germany and rule ", meaning noble personality to rely on the rule of management of the Group .


    I think that this truth applies equally in the business , business to sustained prosperity , to maintain "harmony" , the operator must carry out "de-centered " approach . Operators have a noble character , get employees heartfelt respect, in order to effectively establish a " harmonious enterprise ", which are in line with the Forum " building a harmonious enterprise " theme.

    Most enterprises in Europe and America to overbearing or " power" to manage the business . For example , the use of the decision logic of capital right personnel , the right to appoint or motivated by monetary incentives to employees .


    To " force " a symbol of corporate rule , is extremely poor among the operators and employees of income differences. European and American business owners who , including equity , including income , compared with the general staff, often surprisingly high . American big business operators , the annual salary of up to several billion yen in common.

    No matter how clever operators , who rely on strategic leadership , business can not proceed smoothly . Large companies have tens of thousands of employees, only each employee every day, work hard on every job , companies can run properly . Corporate sales and profits is their sweat crystallization.

    Therefore, the company's operating results attributable to individual operators , their income is higher than the ordinary cadres , the staff of several hundred times , this is not normal . But many operators , but peace of mind , the more excellent operators, often more inclined to rely on " power" to rule the enterprise .

    However , relying on power to suppress others, or to rely on money to stimulate the desire of employees , such methods can not build a "harmonious enterprise ." Such operations can be successful even if temporary , but will eventually lead to employee resistance , surprising flaws . Business must be sustainable prosperity as the goal, I think only "de-centered " business in order to achieve this goal.



================================================== ================================================== ==========

---- Learning Essay :


Farewell to the " boss" and "wage earners " era , farewell "power rule" into the development of space symbiotic .

"Work" is not a good word , "work" the word of the young independent innovation work ethic and ability to obliterate gave out .

The word "boss" is easy to overlook the "enterprise" itself exists that companies = boss , boss corporate income = income.

Enterprises with awe , respect the laws of their own growth and development , the rational allocation from operating companies , the balance of cadres and employees' income , corporate and down will work together, ride out the difficulties and share the results . Implement this concept , the company will develop and grow, reborn .


                                                         ------ 2011-5 , Cape May



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