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Date: 2017-07-10
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 Japan's low-end manufacturing to upgrade Inspiration

( In today's economic restructuring , re-read the article on the personality characteristics of SMEs has profound significance - )


Online Source: Economic Herald ( Jinan ) / / article, " China Business" 2010/07/12 Yu Tian Ren ( renowned scholar living in Japan )

China 's low-level processing industry seems to have come to an end , many things happened recently to tell people in urgent need of China 's industrial upgrading , do not upgrade there is no way out . But the " industrial upgrading " is the result of a natural process , not to engage in high-profile publicity can play a role , nor is it who will be able to rise up in a hurry . Industrial upgrading is forced out , or that do not have that business operators in case of no external pressure to change their product mix to go .


Continuous pressure

Japan's low-end manufacturing to upgrade now been in progress since Japan 's manufacturing sector has under various pressures, there is appreciation of the yen in the price pressure brought pressure from South Korea , China Taiwan 's mid-range products , there are pressures from China and Southeast Asia 's low-end products , you will find examples of research in Japan , industrial upgrading is a completely last resort behavior is not what the initiative carried out .


Japanese SMEs mentioned , people will naturally think of Ota-ku Higashi-Osaka , Osaka and Tokyo , the two regions not on the scale of large enterprises , all SMEs. Before World War II , and when the war and military production are basically related to supply components for military and industrial processing, then turned to the post-war civilian components provide support for the major companies in Japan , the Japanese also use cheap labor and long-term accumulation of manufacturing experience to provide the world with a variety of commodities, such as 1986 , Japan on nails, screws, nuts such hardware production occupies 60% of the world production share.


Ordinary screws do not need any kind of technology is amazing , with the sharp appreciation of the yen , the following products are basically middle turned to South Korea, China Taiwan and mainland China in the 21st century , Japan's share of output in the industry share of the screw has dropped to 20% , only 10% of the number , and now even less in the market has been the standard screws see Japanese products .

The original production of screws how to do business ? Closing is an option, this practice in Japan called " waste industry ," but not all bosses are able to make such a choice , closed later in life how to do ? Japan 's small business owners are big most do not have much savings, usually with the money you spend production up, many people have bet the family property in the bank . Company business , then, individuals and families can live, once closed their doors , how to feed the whole family ? Moreover , even if the money does not willing to give up a few people and sometimes even passed down for generations enterprises .


Switch is a sound idea easier said than done . But generally speaking , a line of business can not go close to the line of business not much better , as for example to unrelated line of business can be successful but barely . So the vast majority of low-end manufacturing companies in Japan to face external pressures only be able to choose the path of reform is to continue tapping the potential to improve the production technology and processes , reduce cost, increase speed, while the introduction of new equipment and new technology, production abroad, temporarily unable to produce products. Ideally, there is a market to develop a new product , so you can in one fell swoop out of the woods .


" Bamboo " exploration

Higashi-Osaka City, a man named " Takenaka Seisakusho " small business is the development of the market welcomed the new products. Takenaka Seisakusho from before the war began producing aircraft and ships with nuts , bolts , after the war , when the most beautiful once had 220 employees , annual output value of 4 billion yen , 300 million yen profit . However, for four consecutive years since 1984 deficit , output fell to 1.7 billion yen , the company does not really go on.


But this time the bubble economy came, nuts, bolts and the price came up , it seems that companies have to live. Other companies in the same industry began to re- expand the scale of additional equipment , but the president Takenaka Seisakusho bamboo in Hong Zhong did not do so , he believes that anyone can create this kind of bolts, screws have been unable to find reason to continue manufacturing in Japan the current boom should only be a temporary phenomenon better , then it is absolutely sure to slump , countermeasures are either closed their doors to quit , or have to do what others can not do this stuff.


Then there is a friend to work at the refinery Takenaka president raised a proposal to prevent the development of salt contained in sea erosion bolt out . Ordinary galvanized bolts after 100 hours of use in general began to rust, to maintain the sea and the coast near oil facilities caused by a very heavy burden , if we can develop a corrosion-resistant bolts, all surrounded by ocean island that Japan should have a very high demand .


Black metal corrosion is not a problem , but it was still a big problem in the bolt applications. Takenaka Seisakusho spent five years, in the end is how to achieve are not rumor corporate secrets secret , nobody knows. But anyway, in the end came up with the now called "TAKECODE-1000" special coating bolts.

New products come out, but Takenaka Seisakusho spent three years, did not sell out to a bolt in the country . Despite sales staff to explain how such a large company to bolt coating corrosion resistant to sea 4000 hours , even after 4000 hours immersion corrosion area nor to 10% , no use in seawater.

Japan's big companies are known for conservative , especially in the autonomous use of new technology and new technology areas especially. When the Japanese decided to use a certain technology or process , whether the " performance " is very important , because the use of old technologies and processes, something happens that no one needs to take responsibility, as long as the old technologies and processes can be improved , but if there is who take the initiative to adopt new technologies and processes which the accident occurred , then this person must take full responsibility .


"There is the use of performance it?" There is no use of performance , why do I have to eat first crab ? Some even openly Takenaka Seisakusho sales staff , said: "You say how good it is , I admit may indeed be a good thing , but I take your life in exchange for the future of the company's products can not do ."

By the third year , Takenaka president had turned to look abroad.


And the kind of Japanese companies ' buying department "," Shi into the ministry "or" materials department , " different holds absolute power supplies procurement , technical staff at U.S. companies when selecting materials have a lot of power , so that 's something new to break into likelihood is much greater.

Takenaka president personally take samples and test data to the Esso oil company headquarters in Houston, USA , Esso oil company after a careful review of the name after Takenaka Seisakusho and they called "TAKECODE-1000" published a special coating bolts in their company's "Master Vendors List" ( major parts supplier list, but did not actually buy .

But for Takenaka Seisakusho speaking, this is enough. Takenaka Seisakusho took this roster over the world to find a buyer, the first business was the last state-owned oil company , and Malaysia made after Mobil and Shell have begun to use this product. Even with this performance , this time had repeatedly refused to use the Japanese companies began scrambling to make the use of bamboo products , and now 90% of the production of bamboo products are actually domestic sales in Japan. General nuts, bolts priced at 100,000 tonne -15 million yen, while TAKECODE-1000 is priced around 1 million yen , if the material is special alloy , it can also be seen ten million yen per ton this bolt is actually a bit of excess quality taste, just from the cost point of view there is no need to consider such attention , but the status quo is no one can come up with copycat products can be used under the same conditions , and offshore oil exploration , coastal oil facilities and nuclear -related facilities as well as left TAKECODE-1000 out of the question , so people can only tolerate the high price or the price.


Japan's industrial upgrading many examples of this , but basically on the edge of survival of businesses looking for examples of newborn away the road . Japanese government attaches great importance to industrial transformation and upgrading , and often have new support policies or measures introduced, but did not see companies rely on successful examples of such policies . Because the company has only found a way out before the upgrade means success , on the contrary that the waste industry or bankruptcy, competition in the market place is so cruel. " Industrial upgrading " and no ready way to go , only to competition , because no one knows the upgrade direction. ( Yu Tianren )


( Source: Economic Herald )

( This article Source: Dazhong - Economic Herald )


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