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Comparision with Technics of Plastic Dipping & Technics of Plastic Injection Molding

Date: 2017-07-10
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 Many protective plastic products can also use impregnation equipment and injection molding processing equipment. Two processing methods have advantages and disadvantages, and for manufacturers is very difficult to decide which one to use processing method. However, impregnation device relative to the injection device has many advantages. Generally speaking, the impregnation equipment processing instead of injection molding equipment and processing are the following reasons:

       1, costs: Generally speaking, JinSu processing cost and the injection molding processing cost is very low compared to. This is mainly because the cost of plastic processing equipment, mold processing cost as well as for dip processing materials with low cost.

       2, shorter design cycle: mold processing dip mold processing equipment is a simple process (according to the reverse design of product structure). Leaching process is to first plastic mold into plastic dipping liquid, then dip liquid hardening. The injection mold design, production cycle is long, and complex.

       3, rapid designing various kind of products: for JinSu processing, structure in the production line is very convenient to replace the raw material or product design. Will the same mold into different impregnation liquid, can fast preparation of materials and products in different intensity and structure, in order to meet the needs of different fields of application.

       4, a simple, one-step molding: impregnation process is very simple. All dip equipment will only die into the plastic dipping liquid, once dip liquid hardening, products can be formed. Products without demoulding, molding and melting device assisted in the production process.

       5, the product without the weldline: injection mold is usually in the mold parting surface position of the fusion line. The fusion line will make the product variation with the strength. The plastic product does not produce the fusion line, and can uniformly from all angles to withstand forces, not the existence of weak intensity of any point.


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