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Shunde Chuwei Kitchen & Bath Household Appliances Exhibition

Date: 2017-07-10
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Shunde Chuwei Kitchen & Bath Household Appliances Exhibition

 In March 14th, 2013 (Chinese) Shunde Chuwei electrical life Procurement Exhibition opened at the Shunde Exhibition Center, attracted more than 800 enterprises and more than 4 buyers, distributors and other industry professionals to. New products, many enterprises have resorted to reducing energy consumption, green environmental protection, to meet the needs of the consumer market.

The PM2.5 tester sell out of stock.

       Haze era, people continued to rise on the environmental and health concerns heat, related electronic products sold.

In Shunde some electric appliance Limited company but 9 square meter booth was crowded with buyers, not stop consulting air purifier purchase price. The company general manager said, the consumer market is gradually towards environmentally friendly products, "this year the air purifier will have explosive growth". Confidence in the market, and other manufacturers of guangdong. Yesterday they were on the spot to play the "PM2.5 is the clouds" slogan.

       In addition to air purification products, water purification products are favored by the market. Water appliances business manager of Guangdong Canbo electric appliance Limited company that have occurred in recent years, water pollution incident prompted the water purifier selling. He also make fun of say, "pig pollution can also filter."

As every year to Shunde Chuwei show information, purchase products dealers, Zhengzhou Mr procurement this year is the goal of the air purifier, he also predict this kind of product sales growth this year in the north.

The three or four line of the city extension business sinking

        10 years ago, sinking to three or four class market of Zhongshan City Mu family electrical appliance industry Co Ltd is now have a small harvest. The regional manager of the company Shen Shengyi said, now the business is getting better and better, because now the rural housing more and faster, the strong growth momentum.

With the accelerated pace of urbanization, a second tier city, tends to saturation, wide market of three or four increasingly by the enterprise line. "The saturated state city of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta these developed regions in Hunan, Sichuan, this kind of inland provinces, three or four city still has great space." General manager of cherry and Electric Co., said Ou Xueyun, after a firm foothold in the two provinces, to the northwest and northeast march.

The NPC and CPPCC stressed the new urbanization, the future will set off a new round of upsurge. The kitchen appliances enterprises, which means unlimited business opportunities. Ou Xueyun said, "five states" after the birth of the industry a great impact, a second tier city, the market is expected to decline this year 1/3. "The cherry and make own brand but two years, to the visibility started and seize greater market share, in addition to the profits look thinner, is to choose the three or four line of the city the main battlefield."

In the economic and environmental impact, deep channel and large enterprises. Such as Vanward, last year on the basis of the original focus on the development of 1000 stores, now 2000 exclusive domestic store a large part in three or four levels of markets.

Sign 50000 Yuan send order car

This year's economic situation is to pick up? In an interview with reporters, enterprises that will be the overall control over real estate showing uncertainty.

Ou Xueyun frankly, this business is not better than last year, real estate regulation severely impact the kitchen appliance industry, from the Spring Festival after the continuous decline. The general manager Asus Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. Cai Hongtao believes that home appliance industry trend of declining sales downturn this year, 1/4 is possible.

In order to brand, yesterday a lot of companies did tricks gimmicks to attract the eye, a Tongren performance art, Bikini beauty show, hula dance...... Even a "contract to car" slogan. "If the first day effect is good, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to ask them to show." Ou Xueyun said, the money is to let more buyers know our brand. Fortis regional manager Electric Co., said Wang Lahong, signed more than 50000 yuan of orders to have the opportunity to get the car.

Two dimensional code promotion is very trendy

Yesterday, Zhongshan Dongfeng Zhen Shuai state electric appliance factory showroom was bursting at the seams. The original, as long as the sweep Shuai state "code", the regional manager can Shuai state mutual concern, also can get a cart gift. The reporter sees, their promotional single, manager business cards are printed on the two-dimensional code.

"One thousand carts have been robbed in less than an hour." Shuai State District Manager Wen Zhaosheng told reporters, this year for the first time, this way to do publicity, "the feeling of customers high degree of passion, sweep, our product information can be found in the mobile phone." From Chancheng, Mr. Luo said, this way is very fashionable, very creative, but also to cater to the preferences of young people.

We show for household electrical appliances of all kinds of insulating sheath at the show: Flag (L) series of insulating sheath, straight series terminal insulating sheath, postposition type (FF) series terminal insulating sheath, inner garden (T) series of insulating sheath, outer circle (R) terminal insulation sheath, inserted after the terminal insulating sheath, motorcycle cable sheath, battery cable sheath, KF switch series.


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