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Product Name:

Nasal Cannula Prongs

Date: 2020-09-04
  • Place of Origin : Foshan, Guangdong

  • Classification : Nasal Cannula Prongs

  • Model : BG-2K-CR

  • Material : PVC

  • Brand : Fangpu

  • color: White

  • Size : 2K-44*3

The nasal congestion is simple and convenient to use, the bilateral oxygen supply is stable, and it is equipped with an oxygen supply system for the human body to inhale oxygen. The product has high flexibility and improves the comfort of the user. The appropriate size can be selected according to the user's nostril and size.

Stuffed nose specifications: adult type, child type, infant type, neonatal type double nasal nasal congestion

  • The product has high flexibility and improves user comfort

  • When using, you can choose the appropriate size according to the user's nostril and size

  • Made of PVC raw materials, no latex, no DEHP, safe and environmentally friendly

  • Clean appearance, high transparency, odorless

  • Simple and convenient to use, stable oxygen supply on both sides

  Purpose: equipped with oxygen supply system for human body to inhale oxygen.

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