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Explanation: I. IntroductionFrom the latest global electronic components products structure, connector PCB electronic components has become one of the second pillar industries, and industries on the connector demand and technical requirements are constantly improve, so as to drive for the connector parts manufacturers in the development and production of more investment. These include protective caps, which act as components of the connector for insulation, shielding, dust control, oil proof and moisture proof. The liquid impregnation process (Dip Molding) is one of the protective cap mature technology, such as fast terminal insulation protection sleeve (the terminal sheath), RF coaxial connector protective helmet, protective cap and other high-speed connectors, as shown in figure 1.  Figure ...
Explanation: Battery is widlely used in automotor, computers systm, electric storage, telecommunication, even military equipments, which relate to people's life and production with great importance.      Short circuit cause great damage to the battery in the short period of time. The electrodes and polar plates will be burnt out. Finally the battery is down.      To avoid short circuit happenning to the battery, a battery cover on the electrode is necessary.        Fangpu have specialized in protection industry for more than 20 years and come into touch with many clients. During the co-operation with them, we get a lot of experience. According to those experience, we design and produce the battery cover w...
Explanation: 方普保护套的优势一、全包裹设计,安全耐用方普汽车电瓶夹护套的PVC材料耐压3000V,比一般的电瓶夹护套性能都要强,安全性更好。产品设计的目的是保护好使用者,防止使用者接触到电瓶夹金属体,做到放心使用。 二、以人为本方普汽车电瓶夹保护套一次成型,无粘合,无批锋,表面平整,手感一流。产品材质符合欧盟RoHS指令,环保,对环境无害。方普有一流的产品设计团队,支持产品定制化,设计出能提升客户产品价值的保护配件!  方普秉持“匠心”理念,立足客户的需求,想客户之所想,为客户提供安全可靠、耐用好用的防护产品。
Explanation: The products which concern people's life deeply, have higher requirements to the accessories, for example water dispenser. It is an important device for drinking water. If the accessories of water dispenser give off peculiar smell, it will be unacceptable by customers. The same as the motor vehicle. Customers complain about the peculiar smell into the car. The requirements of the accessories to the manufacturers of water dispenser and motor vehicle, are not only compliant with RoHS, but also unscented. The manufacturers of water dispenser and motor vehicle have faith in Fangpu unscented terminal insulation sleeves, and widely use in their products. It is important for us to be recognized and be appreciated for our efforts. Fangpu have service teams with rich experience. We ca...
Explanation: Fiber connectors,  is a removable part between fiber and fiber. They connect accurately.       The outer pollutions is the risk of fiber connectors, which lower the performances of fiber connectors and reduce the transmission between fibers.      It is of great importance to protect fiber connectors against the outer pollutions. Fangpu purposely develop a new T-type PVC dip-molding Protective Cap for Fiber Connectors. (Protection for fiber connectors) (Protection for Pigtail) Our Characteristics:Easy to Insert and Extract: T-type head design, which is easily to insert and extract for the user and assemblers.Without Dust, moistrue, oil: There are no dust and oil attached in and out of the pro...
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