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"The new journey create the future" - remember fampoux 2020 annual meeting of the company

2020-01-16 16:40:31

      On January 11, the annual meeting of Foshan Fangpu company was successfully held! All Fangpu people gathered together to listen to the performance report in 2019 and the annual plan for 2020. In 2019, all of us in Fangpu have worked hard and achieved fruitful results.

“新征程 创未来”——记方普公司2020年会 (9).jpg

“新征程 创未来”——记方普公司2020年会 (8).jpg

“新征程  创未来”——记方普公司2020年会

Report on achievements in 2019 and plan for 2020

      In order to have a source of fresh water, innovation is the fresh water of our enterprise, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of our enterprise. In order to encourage all staff innovation, the company will have 47 innovation projects in 2019 with about 200 participants. Everyone is thinking about how to innovate a little every day, which will form a huge energy and promote the continuous progress of our company and the continuous improvement of employees' ability!

“新征程  创未来”——记方普公司2020年会

Award of excellent project and excellent project manager

      In the speech of the general manager, Mr. Fang expounded the direction of Fangpu's strategy from five aspects: concept, vision, strategy, strategy and culture. Put forward the basic policy of "innovation is the soul, talent is the fundamental", and take the customer as the center, take the striver as the foundation, and continue to struggle. Fangpu focuses on the field of impregnation molding, and constantly promotes the development and growth of the company with the innovation of technology and service.

“新征程 创未来”——记方普公司2020年会 (7).jpg

General Manager Speech

“新征程 创未来”——记方普公司2020年会 (4).jpg

Ten year employee Award

   We Fangpu people take Fangpu as their home, take Fangpu's career as their pursuit of life, ten years as one day, silently stick to, devote to, make unremitting efforts for the development and growth of Fangpu, and also witness every important moment of Fangpu.