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Fampoux dust-free oil-free high-speed connector cases

2020-12-29 10:52:33

High speed connector, as an important part of server terminal, is a high-precision technology product. Its performance affects the speed of data transmission between servers. It is a hard requirement for high-speed connector to be free from pollution and corrosion of foreign matters. Therefore, high-speed connectors often need to be matched with a protective sleeve for wrapping and protection.



Dust, moisture, oil and so on are the main pollutants of high-speed connector. In addition to isolating these pollutants for the connector, the protective sleeve of high-speed connector should not have these pollutants inside. Aiming at these high requirements of high-speed connector, based on mature impregnation molding technology and strict production specifications, Fangpu creates dust-free, water-free and oil-free high-speed connector protective sleeve for customers. Considering the convenience of customer assembly, it adds humanized design to the sheath shape to improve efficiency and add value for customers!





Features of Fangpu high speed connector protective sleeve

1. No dust, no oil, no water;

2. Protection from corrosion;

3. Easy to plug, efficient assembly;

4. Passed ISO quality certification system;

5. The material is environmental friendly and nontoxic;

Fangpu has a solid technical and product design team, which can design all kinds of protective covers to meet the needs of customers!