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T jinsu PVC fiber connector dust cap

2020-12-29 10:52:33

Optical fiber connector is a detachable (movable) connection device between optical fiber and optical fiber. It precisely connects the two end faces of optical fiber, so that the optical energy output by transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent, and the impact on the system caused by its intervention in optical link is minimized. This is the basic requirement of optical fiber connector. To a certain extent, optical fiber connector affects the reliability and performance of optical transmission system.

The external pollutants are the nemesis of optical fiber connectors, which will affect the performance of optical fiber connectors and reduce the transmission between optical fibers.

It is important to protect the optical fiber connector and pigtail. Fangpu designed a T-shaped plastic impregnated PVC dust cap for optical fiber connector.


(insert protection of optical fiber connector)


 (tail protection)



Our characteristics:

Easy to plug:T-shaped force design of head,Both assembler and user are easy to plug and unplug; The pull-out force is between 2.5 N and 3.5 n, the strength is moderate, the dust cap is not easy to fall off, and it is easy to pull out at the same time.

No dust, no oil, no waterThe inner and outer walls of the dust cap were observed under the microscope, and there were no oil stains and dust accumulation; At the same time, ensure that the dust cap is free of water.

Flexible protectionSoft PVC material, no burr, no scratch connector and tail fiber, fit connector and tail fiber appearance, do not let pollutants into.

All conform to RoHS and reach environmental protection, ISO quality system certification of production management.


We think more than that for our customers!


We also use vacuum packaging to prevent secondary pollution caused by water vapor, dust and other pollutants.


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