Product Name:

Knot series


The characteristics of dip molding process: short mold opening time, flexible batch production; It has good handle and bright color; Special shaped handle can be customized according to customer\'s requirements, and the matching assembly can be customized. The handle sleeve matched with the bending
The product description
  • Product application:

    Fitness Equipment:

    Industry application: suitable for treadmill, strength fitness equipment, fitness Cart, bracket, rope skipping and other fitness equipment products;

    Product Description: wear resistant, high density, tear resistant, safety and environmental protection, in line with ROHS, reach environmental protection standards. Complete specifications, complete color, can be customized according to customer needs; It can be punched and printed according to customers' requirements.

  • Product features:

1. It has the characteristics of wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, non-toxic and environmental protection; It does not contain heavy metals such as Pb and CD, and has passed relevant environmental testing and certification;

2. It is widely used in fitness equipment, gardening tools, medical equipment, hardware and other devices, playing the role of anti-skid, beauty, protection, etc;

3. There are smooth surface, pockmarked surface, frosted surface, matte surface materials, multiple colors available;

4. Products can be customized according to customers' requirements;

5. According to customer's requirements, the handle sleeve and hose can be processed after punching and tailing;



  • Product size: