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Foshan fampoux, battery sheath experts around you

2020-12-29 10:52:33

Battery is widely used in automobile, computer system, power generation, power storage, communication, and even national defense and military equipment. It is related to all aspects of people's daily life and production, and plays an indispensable role.

    Once the battery electrode short circuit occurs, the damage to the battery is huge, and in a short period of time, it can make the battery pole burned out, and also cause the plate overheating, bending, deformation, and finally the battery scrapped.

     For example: network monitoring and network system, medical system are large and medium-sized computer systems, often equipped with uninterruptible power supply system as protection, to ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after the sudden power failure, so that users can save the disk in emergency, so that users will not be affected by the power failure or lose data. In order to ensure the function of ups at the critical moment, it is necessary to protect the exposed battery electrode. In life and production, there are many examples of battery electrode insulation protection sleeve, which we should always remember.



During more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the insulation protection industry, Fangpu has contacted the customers of the battery industry and related engineering projects, and accumulated rich industry experience, so as to develop, design and produce the battery sheath with safe and reliable performance and convenient installation for customers.

       Product features: insulation resistance > 100m Ω provides enough security for cable core; Withstand voltage: 3000V / 5min, durable wear resistance, high reliability; It is suitable for protecting the contact end of 12V or 24V batteries of 60ah, 80ah, 100Ah, 120ah, 150Ah, 200ah, 240ah and other specifications.

       We can customize the battery sheath according to the size requirements of customers, and provide product design and proofing services, with fast response and fast opening speed.